33 Seater Bus Hire

The 33 seater bus is a fully sized bus, and does not fall within the ‘minibus’ category. With the much larger seating capacity, the 33 seater bus is quite popular with larger groups of people that include:

  • Larger companies find the 33 seater bus to be ideal for transporting workers to out of town events or corporate bonding events. With the additional seating space, and the comfortable seating, you can transport your corporate group on very long trips.
  • The 33 seater bus is also very popular with class trips. For most class trips, there needs to be enough seating space for all the students, teachers, and other chaperones. With the average class in the UK being 26, the bus is perfect for class trips.

The benefits of hiring the 33 seater bus from Bognor Regis Minibus are:

  • The convenience of working with our qualified drivers. With this vehicle, you and your group can go on that long awaited trip. We have drivers that are highly skilled in taking you on both long and short trips without stress.
  • The bus comes with air conditioning which is perfect for long distance trips. Unlike, ‘conventional’ buses, the air conditioning adds to the comfort levels for your passengers.
  • It is a much cheaper alternative to transport larger groups of people. Rather than using multiple smaller vehicles, you can transport every single person in one bus, which is a much cheaper alternative.
33 Seater Bus Hire

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