24 Seater Bus Hire

You can use this car for your church or school group going on an excursion to any location within the country. This 24-seater bus is fully loaded with air condition to keep you comfortable all through your ride. The seats in this vehicle are also very comfortable, so even if you seat for a long time, you will be just fine.

The 24-seater bus is quite popular with the following groups:

  • Wedding guests: If you are transporting wedding guests, then the 24 seater bus is perfect. This is particularly true for wedding events where the reception is being held in a separate location from where the wedding service is being held.
  • Corporate clients also find the 24-seater bus to be quite useful for transporting employees for events being held far from the office complex.
  • The 24-seater bus is also popular for school groups that are travelling for events being held away from the school grounds. A 24-seater bus is perfect for a football team or a track team going for tournaments.

The benefits of travelling with a 24-seater bus from Bognor Regis Minibus include:

  • You are guaranteed of travelling in comfort. Each of our 24-seater buses have very comfortable, and ergonomically designed, seats.
  • You can hitch a small trailer behind the bus to transport additional luggage that might not fit within the main bus.
24 Seater Bus Hire

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