Coach Hire Quote

At Bognor Regis Minibus Hire, we take a lot of pride in the competitive pricing that we offer for all our services. With the favourable pricing that we have, we have worked very hard to ensure that we can give all our clients an accurate price quote for our services before booking with us.

There are several factors that we consider when pricing our services, the main ones which are discussed in this guide.

  • Mileage

Mileage is the biggest factor to consider when giving you a quote for our services. Apart from the fuel costs, and the wages for our drivers, with every additional mile, the vehicles will require a mechanical checkup for general maintenance.

This is why we charge more for longer journeys than for shorter ones.

  • Type of Vehicle Hired

This is another major factor that we consider when determining the pricing quote we give our clients. The higher the seating capacity, the higher our pricing is going to be. We also have separate pricing for the ‘premium’ or ‘luxury’ coaches that is slightly higher than the pricing on our ‘standard’ coaches.

  • Length of Time you will need the coach

The amount of time the coach will be at your disposal also factors into the pricing. If you go on a shorter journey, but require the coach to be available to you on a full-time basis, you might get charged more than a longer trip where the coach drops you, returns to our yard and comes to pick you up at a pre-arranged time

These are the main factors that come into play when we provide a pricing quote for our coach hire services.

One thing that you should rest assured of is that our prices are much lower than those offered by other similar transport companies.


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